Sunday, June 03, 2007

Being a slacker for most of my life, I haven't updated my blog in quite some time. I really don't see how these hard core bloggers manage to blog so much, in addition to having what appear to be, very busy lives. I mean every little detail of life is recorded for all to see - who's really that interested in the life of a total stranger anyway? Kind of like reality tv I guess. Must admit, I've never seen one of those programs. Maybe extensive blogging serves a purpose to those who are diary keepers. I was never into that either. Oh, I tried, and periodically would purchase a new "Diary", keep it for a few days, and then watch the entries deteriorate sort of like this:

1/1/78 - Recovering here from a super New Year's Eve bash where the DP flowed freely and the Beluga caviar was exquisite at $150/oz. I was a vision in a red silk Valentino picked up for a song at a resale boutique on Newbury Street (size 4 no less!). Plan to make my list of resolutions today starting with: Will strive for peace in the world, followed by lose 20 lbs.

1/2/78- Busily keeping my Resolutions as planned. Super day as my career has taken an upward turn and I was promoted! I am now the alpha dog in my little world of corporate bliss!

1/8/78- Too busy to write to my "Dear Diary" - please forgive me!

1/9 - 1/31/78 - Nothing to report

3/5/78 - weight up 20 lbs. Other than that, nothing
3/6- see yesterday
4/1/78- This is such a crock.

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