Saturday, November 28, 2009

Here's our very sweet but very shy greyhound, Sally.
YIKES! Ted showing off his naughty bits after too much Christmas cheer!

I'm back! My new Mac Book Pro actually lets me upload photos - imagine that! So let me try a few right now.

Being as it's the holiday season here's the oft- published photo of Ted enjoying some Christmas cheer!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A thrummed mitten started a while ago - I ought to get these out and finish them someday!

Just trying to upload pictures as this has been a problem since the beginning. It takes forever. Here's Ted keeping the toaster oven warm..
I am nearing the end of the first scarf in the "Pink Scarf Project". And it looks great so far. Hopefully I'll post pics of all the scarves when I get them all done. I got all the pink yarns at Web's at the year end blowout sale. In fact, the idea for the project came to me like an epiphany while shopping at Web's. Love it when I have a Web's epiphany!

So I proceeded to load my basket with pink yarns. The rule for the scarves is that they have to contain pink - they don't have to be totally pink but there must be at least enough pink (any shade) for the scarf to be identifiable as a "pink Scarf" by a casual observer. None of this "that's a brown scarf but I think it might have a bit of pink in it" stuff. Absolutely not! I called this the Pink Scarf Project for a reason and it should be obvious.

The biggest problem that I foresee with this project will come in October when the scarves will leave home - personally, I love pink and parting with these babies will be hard! But I'll bite the proverbial bullet and send them off to their new homes.