Saturday, November 28, 2009

Here's our very sweet but very shy greyhound, Sally.
YIKES! Ted showing off his naughty bits after too much Christmas cheer!

I'm back! My new Mac Book Pro actually lets me upload photos - imagine that! So let me try a few right now.

Being as it's the holiday season here's the oft- published photo of Ted enjoying some Christmas cheer!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A thrummed mitten started a while ago - I ought to get these out and finish them someday!

Just trying to upload pictures as this has been a problem since the beginning. It takes forever. Here's Ted keeping the toaster oven warm..
I am nearing the end of the first scarf in the "Pink Scarf Project". And it looks great so far. Hopefully I'll post pics of all the scarves when I get them all done. I got all the pink yarns at Web's at the year end blowout sale. In fact, the idea for the project came to me like an epiphany while shopping at Web's. Love it when I have a Web's epiphany!

So I proceeded to load my basket with pink yarns. The rule for the scarves is that they have to contain pink - they don't have to be totally pink but there must be at least enough pink (any shade) for the scarf to be identifiable as a "pink Scarf" by a casual observer. None of this "that's a brown scarf but I think it might have a bit of pink in it" stuff. Absolutely not! I called this the Pink Scarf Project for a reason and it should be obvious.

The biggest problem that I foresee with this project will come in October when the scarves will leave home - personally, I love pink and parting with these babies will be hard! But I'll bite the proverbial bullet and send them off to their new homes.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Just over a year since I've posted - when I said I was a life-long slacker I wasn't kidding! I've been too busy knitting and playing pinball to post. Yes, pinball and I'm becoming quite the wizard but not nearly as good as DH who is a high-scoring guy.

I frogged those ugly socks I was working on. I cannot work with yarn I despise, so why make life miserable? Life is too short to spend time with ugly yarn. Send it to the frog pond and forget about it.

I have pics in the camera and will take more of current WIP's and finished projects and try to post them.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Well I edited a post and said "publish" and went back to read it but nothing changed. How does that work? Sheesh! I hate murdering the English language and rarely do it. However I really messed up a post and was attempting to correct it. Guess I'll just have to live with the embarrassement!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Detail of scarf I did for a scarf exchange

Cashmere/merino scarf
Just reading back and realizing that I never cast on those mittens that I bought the yarn for in Rhinebeck. YIKES! No matter though because I have cast on a different pair of mittens (thrummed) and hope to have those done by winter. Last winter I dumped all my old ratty mittens in anticipation of the new ones I'd knit. Fortunately it wasn't that cold a winter, as I was mittenless.

Spent part of today looking for the second sock of a pair I am making for DH. These are the ones on the 2 circular needles. The first sock was anyway, the second one I went back to good old DPN's. I'd like to find the second one and finish it since they are very ugly and I don't want them hanging over my head any longer. So I started another ballband to tide me over until I find the damn sock.
Being a slacker for most of my life, I haven't updated my blog in quite some time. I really don't see how these hard core bloggers manage to blog so much, in addition to having what appear to be, very busy lives. I mean every little detail of life is recorded for all to see - who's really that interested in the life of a total stranger anyway? Kind of like reality tv I guess. Must admit, I've never seen one of those programs. Maybe extensive blogging serves a purpose to those who are diary keepers. I was never into that either. Oh, I tried, and periodically would purchase a new "Diary", keep it for a few days, and then watch the entries deteriorate sort of like this:

1/1/78 - Recovering here from a super New Year's Eve bash where the DP flowed freely and the Beluga caviar was exquisite at $150/oz. I was a vision in a red silk Valentino picked up for a song at a resale boutique on Newbury Street (size 4 no less!). Plan to make my list of resolutions today starting with: Will strive for peace in the world, followed by lose 20 lbs.

1/2/78- Busily keeping my Resolutions as planned. Super day as my career has taken an upward turn and I was promoted! I am now the alpha dog in my little world of corporate bliss!

1/8/78- Too busy to write to my "Dear Diary" - please forgive me!

1/9 - 1/31/78 - Nothing to report

3/5/78 - weight up 20 lbs. Other than that, nothing
3/6- see yesterday
4/1/78- This is such a crock.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Sad to report that our retired greyhound racer was euthanized on Dec 23rd. What a great friend she was and we miss here every day. I'm sure we will adopt another greyhound but it's a matter of finding one who is cat-friendly as well as having enough time to spend with her initially getting her used to the house, Ted and Saffy, etc.
All of this blogging is a bit confusing. Upgraded this morning to the new blogger - still don't why we have to do this!

I felted (yes felted) the cashmere pashmina cowl - it is much better now but I won't make one of cashmere again - too soft!

Working on 3 scarves currently for the scarf exchange I am in which is due to the giftee on valentine's day. I think I'll make it. Just a matter of which scarf comes out the best.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Completed the pashmina cowl - will keep it for myself as it didn't come out quite as nicely as I wanted. It seems big and very floppy - the edges roll up so that the thing looks like a huge sausage. Possibly because I did not follow the directions! Supposed to be a purl row near the beginning and end and I did not do that - I think it's to keep the stockinette from rolling so much. Also, the cashmere is extremely soft (DUH!). So I ordered some Mountain Colors cashmere in Moose Creek and will give it a try again. I'll either use smaller needles or cast on fewer stitiches this time too.

Finished a gorgeous pair of Irish Hiking wristwarmes to give as a gift for a friends 40th. Cocoa brown angora. So what's wrong with them you might ask - well, the seaming up is not quite right but it's ok considering it's my first time. Into the gift bag they will go along with a half-finished matching scarf! Two more weekends and that will be finished as well.

Must get on the stick with a felted bag for another friend for Christmas.

And must resist the temptation to shop at Web's closeout for Takhi Ghost Print and Fiesta yarns - really, the prise of the Ghost is ridiculous so I'll hold out for maybe an hour more!

See if I can figure out the new camera before the party tonight so I can take a photo of the gift .