Friday, December 08, 2006

Completed the pashmina cowl - will keep it for myself as it didn't come out quite as nicely as I wanted. It seems big and very floppy - the edges roll up so that the thing looks like a huge sausage. Possibly because I did not follow the directions! Supposed to be a purl row near the beginning and end and I did not do that - I think it's to keep the stockinette from rolling so much. Also, the cashmere is extremely soft (DUH!). So I ordered some Mountain Colors cashmere in Moose Creek and will give it a try again. I'll either use smaller needles or cast on fewer stitiches this time too.

Finished a gorgeous pair of Irish Hiking wristwarmes to give as a gift for a friends 40th. Cocoa brown angora. So what's wrong with them you might ask - well, the seaming up is not quite right but it's ok considering it's my first time. Into the gift bag they will go along with a half-finished matching scarf! Two more weekends and that will be finished as well.

Must get on the stick with a felted bag for another friend for Christmas.

And must resist the temptation to shop at Web's closeout for Takhi Ghost Print and Fiesta yarns - really, the prise of the Ghost is ridiculous so I'll hold out for maybe an hour more!

See if I can figure out the new camera before the party tonight so I can take a photo of the gift .